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Comments posted  in this page were sent to us from already treated patients. In all cases, authorizations to publish their experiences on hCG and obesity were requested.
We cannot be held responsible for copies from these comments posted in any other website.

Please note:
hCG is a prescription drug . Its administration must be prescribed and supervised by a licensed MD.

I had started on the HCG injections in January 1981 after the birth of my daughter.

I noticed a SIGNIFICANT loss of weight and inches. I took the injections for 5 months as that was my goal to lose 50 pounds by my birthday in May. I needed to lose a total of 60 pounds (I felt) but the 50 were enough.

I never had any side effects nor did I notice any side effects. The low calorie diet was enough and the food I was allowed to eat kept me feeling full most of the time. I kept that weight off until I had gotten pregnant for my son 3 years later.

After the birth of my son, I started back on the injections and only needed to lost about 40 pounds this time.

I did it and still felt great! I really would LOVE to get the injections again and would love to know where I would have to go. I hurt my back about 7 years ago and haven't been able to move much in the way of exercise and have gained my weight back..

I need to lose about 80 pounds. I did for a while (when they started to do away with the injections) the oral HCG, now I can say that didn't work quite as quickly because you have to keep the level of HCG up and the pill leaves the body faster.

If you ever need another person for your study.. please think of me as I can swear by the HCG program. You see, when the AMA said the bariatric doctor could no longer use HCG, they said B12 injections were just as effective.

I am here to say "THAT IS NOT TRUE". The B12 didn't work nearly as well as the HCG.

I noticed with HCG that you lost inches quicker than you lost the weight and that's what keeps you going. I thank you for having this forum and REALLY would love to start back on the HCG for health reasons.

Thank you very much
Cheryl , Toledo, Ohio

I was a patient who took HCG in the early 1970s and not only lost weight, but also experienced the Changes in body contour. That was a big issue for me, and I always believed that HCG was the One diet program that accomplished that. I was therefore very interested in your recent study on Oral HCG. (The 70s programs used injections). .....
I wish I could use HCG again because it was so effective for me....even with cellulite! Asmith@.........

I have a friend who did the HCG diet several years ago and is interested in doing it again. She would like info on the closest Dr. or clinic that is doing this to date, She lives in McMinnville, Tn. Thanks
I am interested in your work with oral hCG. I used the injectable in my weight loss program years ago with great success. Do you have a source for oral hCG? Wentworth
Please tell me how to get oral HCG. I took HCG by injection in California 12 years ago with amazing results. Please e-mail me at: hwaner@j....... Thank you!
Please send information about oral hCG for the treatment of obesity.

I have had successful results using the hCG by injection but I did not complete the treatment since we now live two hours from a clinic.

I am hopeful that there is a clinic that will offer oral hCG so that I can go to the clinic on a weekly basis. We live two hours from Atlanta, Asheville and Chattanooga areas. I lost weight while feeling great when taking injections. Please help with information on how to obtain oral hCG. debbie @....

Dear Dr. Belluscio, I am a gynecologist practicing in Miami, FL. Several years ago, I started a hCG weight loss program which has been very effective. Charles
I have read with interest your study regarding the use of HCG re treatment of your obese patients.

I am a doctor in the Philippines and have a weight loss center wherein I have used HCG for my obese patients. I have combined the HCG treatments with a controlled diet and the results have been very gratifying for both my patients and myself.

I have not been informed of the availability of HCG in pill form. Where would that be available and is there a study that has presently used this oral HCG method?
I would be very interested to hear from you or if you can direct me to any more information regarding HCG in pill form.
I would like to hear from you regarding this matter. Thank you for your very interesting website.  jnavarro@CSI.......

Dear sir/madam My wife had been using hCG for several years while we lived in California USA to keep her weight under control, but NOW that we are in a different state (Oregon USA) she can not find any doctor who knows about this product to help control weight or who will prescribe it for her. Can you help? We both know it works (but ONLY if you have it) RSVP Darryl Jones
Dr. Daniel Belluscio:
I am looking for physician in or near Miami (Florida) who practices hCG weight reduction therapy. I did use this process twice in nyc thirty years ago and was highly successful. Please advise. Rita

I used HCG through a clinic in 1972 - it was administered in small doses by injection. My results were incredible and I felt wonderful during the treatment. Is there any clinic currently using HCG in Northern California?

I have been searching the net for any information on the use of HCG and this was the first site that offered any promise. daf

Dear Dr. Belluscio:
I am an R.N. who has had a weight problem all of my life. I'm now 48 years of age, but when I was only 19 years old I went to a physician who used Dr. Simeon's method of HCG weight reduction. It worked beautifully for me, and I used it off and on with equal success throughout the years....

Though I was only 19, and did not understand the biochemistry of what I was reading, much of it stayed with me all these years. I would like to show this work to a physician I now work with but I've been unable to find it. Do you know where and how I can get a copy? Many thanks,
 Nancy R.....

I have been on the HCG diet before, however I administered it by injection, not orally. I would like to go on this diet again, but would like to try the oral method. The physician who provided me with the HCG is no longer in practice and I have been unable to find anyone else who supports this diet. Can I obtain the HCG from you or can you suggest a physician in the Sacramento, Stockton or Fresno, California area? Thank you in advance for your response. Diana
In 1972 I was treated by a physician in New Orleans for obesity. He was a dermatologist that I had visited for an allergic reaction to a medication that I was taking. He told me about this weight loss program he ran out of his office. I was very interested. I weighed 195 lbs. ...

Over a period of 6 weeks I lost 37 lbs. I weighed in at 158 lbs. after my last injection. I did gain about 8-10 lbs. back during the first year. ...

Even at 500 calories a day, this was the easiest diet I ever followed. After the first week I even found myself offering to share my 1/2 cup of strawberries with my husband one night after dinner.

I never felt hungry, irritable, deprived and had more energy than I've ever had in my life.
Just thought I'd share this with you. I would like to lose weight. I am now 50 years old and weigh 230 lbs. jackie "

I used hCG many years ago and experienced great results. Two children later I am intrested in using it again. Can you direct me in where I might be able to purchase hCG and the correct usage. Thanks K. krentel @mo......
Dear Dr. Belluscio, I was wondering if you had any information about HCG clinics in my area. I'm currently living in San Jose CA.

I first tried the HCG treatment in Florida in the mid 80's and had tremendous success. I had kept the weight off for over 6 years. After moving to the Midwest and suffering through unbelievable winters, I had packed on 60 lbs in 7 years.....

After two years, 3 doctors, and 5 other diets, I have not been able to significantly lose weight or convince my doctors out here to prescribe for me the HCG so I could continue the program at home.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, J.M. Msings@ .....

3 years ago in Florida, I went to a weight-loss clinic that allowed me to administer HCG shots in combination with a low-fat, low-cal diet and appetite suppressants. I lost over 30 lbs. I had a baby 9 months ago and need to lose about 25 - 30 lbs. but I am unable to find anyplace where I live that provides this type of program. I live in Wiggins, MS 39577. Any suggestions? I am desperate. Please help. rnj .rnj@....
I was a patient who took hCG in the early 1970s and not only lost weight, but also experienced the Changes in body contour. That was a big issue for me, and I always believed that hCG was the One diet program that accomplished that. I was therefore very interested in your recent study on Oral HCG. (The 70s programs used injections).

Can hCG be prescribed and if so is there a doctor in my area? I had the shots about 10 years ago and it really did work, but I have had several back surgeries since then and have gained a lot of weight. Can you help me? Thank you Linda .......
My name is Cathy Mathews. When I was in Los Angeles California in 1974 I was treated for obesity with weekly injections of HCG. I was able, with a controlled diet, to lose 40 pounds in 2 months. It was the most effective method of weight loss that I have ever tried.

My energy was up, my mood was up and the weight came off. I was successful in keeping the weight off until my first pregnancy.

I need help, and I know from first hand experience that the injections WORK!!! Please let me know if there is any hope. I can not take the regular diet pills to control appetite. They make me feel so sick and nervous. I am desperate right now. Thank you for having an interest in this subject...please let me know.. Cathy .

Just finished reading the article on HCG. In the early 70's I was introduced to HCG by my family doctor. I was on a low caloric (500) daily diet with a shot of HCG daily. I was amazed at the loss in weight and the changes to my body shape also. I have wanted to look into this again. Are there any studies ongoing now? I understand HCG was banned? Or was I miss informed? Thanks for your help, Cindy ...
I was on a weight loss program in Florida that used HCG injections. I was able to successfully shed the twenty pounds I needed to lose. I now live in Denver, CO and I am looking for a center/source for HCG. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. ..
Dr Belluscio In the late 60,s in Ga i took HCG and lost a lot of weight and after 2 kids and living in Ks in the 70,s i took it again and lost a great deal of weight . Now that i here of it again
....Can u tell me if i can get it in Tx...i live in the Dallas Ft Worth area thank u...Linda.@....

Dr. Belluscio,
My husband and I both started the diet. We both are in our 5th week I have lost 25 pounds and my husband has lost 40. I wish there were more doctors out there like you.Thank you again, God bless. Dawn
Hi, I had positive results from the injectable Hcg many years ago and would like to use it again. It gave me a feeling of general well being and also mobilized difficult to get rid areas of fat. glaser@.........
Hi, I live in Southern California and was wondering where I can find HCG here
in Calif. I took HCG injections several years ago, and have been trying to
find someone who stills handles the HCG. @.......

Dr. Belluscio:

In my experience the use of Chorionic Gonadotrophin in the treatment of obesity have an effect on weight loss, however your article is the first one I have found in which than effect is significant. I would like to receive more information of the issue is possible. Simon ,

In Florida, back in 1986 I went through hCG shots to lose weight. I lost 26 lbs in 2 months and felt the best I ever had in my life. When I had my second child, in 1989, I went back and lost the weight again. I am now in Texas and I am looking for this again. I am unable to find anyone who knows what I am talking about. Kimberly
I used the hCG injections myself for weight loss.

I had never had results of any kind from any other weight loss program. I went from 165# to 127# in less than 4 months. I not only lost on the scales, but i lost inches in my bra size, my neck, my arms, legs, waist and hips; everywhere.

I was amazing! and it was incredibly easy! I did, however go off of the injections "cold turkey" and my metabolism hit rock bottom, back to its usual.Renea .

Dear Drs: Some years ago, due to a variety of reasons, my wife found herself having gained 45 lbs....she connected to a clinic in So. Calif. (where we then lived) who put her on a program of very low diet and self-injections of hCG. In about 3 1/2 months she took off nearly all the weight.
Alan & Dominique...

Dr. Belluscio,

I would like to share with you my own experience. 7 years ago I was really sick. I had Chronic neuropathy, low testosterone, etc. I went to many doctors and even a major medical hospital in Houston, Tx. A couple of doctors injected me with testosterone, but that did nothing for me.

I finally (3 years ago) saw a doctor in Pennsylvania who ran test on growth hormone and hcg. I had no natural growth hormone, and my pituitary gland was very sluggish. He started me on injections of hCG and HGH both. I get about 2000 units of hCG every other day as well as the Human growth hormone. My health is greatly improved now.

The sad thing is that many doctors refuse to even look at therapies that might help their patients. I would be interested in your own opinions as you seem to be opened minded. Andrew

I am so glad to find your site. A couple years ago, a friend of mine told me about hCG. She had considerable success over an 18 month period. I reviewed the research published by A.T.W. Simeons, MD. and began a diet program with hCG self injected each day. I completed 3 phases, each a 6 week hCG course followed by 6, 8 and 12 weeks of maintenance. I began at a weight of 237 pounds and I lost a total of 46 pounds after approximately 1 year. I had no side effects, felt great and increased my energy. I was able to begin weight training at the YMCA. I am a very strong and active woman of 45--SCUBA diver, league bowler, traveler and hiker.

My doctor relocated and reduced his practice to no longer provide hCG. I was unable to continue my plan to lose a total of 80 pounds. Since ending the program, I have slowly gained 20 pounds back over a period of 2 years. This is a success story for me as every diet I have ever tried in the past resulted with a regain of at least 30% more than I lost. Yo-yo dieting is not something I want to do again.

I, and a close friend who also enjoyed success on this program with me, would like to return to hCG as soon a possible. We find it really odd that it is so hard to find someone to provide this treatment. As a suspicious person, I might think that a powerful lobbying effort is against a truly effective diet. After all, isn't the diet industry over $3 billion? Regards, Cook CA.

Dear Dr. I am a past success story of HCG. I lost over 75 pounds about 12 years ago. I am currently fighting to limit my weight gain but can see I am with age finding it much harder. I would like to know if you have information as to a location where I can get back on this program. Sincerely Sara Riverside, CA Catalina Villarreal Villarc@..........
I read your article on HCG and obesity with great interest. Fifteen years ago, I was overweight (not obese) and sought medical treatment from a physician in Huntington, West Virginia, USA,in order to lose weight. Part of his program was the injection 3 times per week of HCG. I lost weight quickly and looked and felt fabulous.......Thanks. --- @.........
My sister had an injection of hCG many years ago and lost about 30 lbs in a month, my doctor never even heard of it. Do you know where I can get an injection? I live in Central California, the San Joaquin Valley between Sacramento and Fresno.

Because of medication they were giving me I have gained 60 lbs over 2yrs and cannot get it off. I'm 55. Sharon sharon@..........

I am one of those who used HCG many years ago to lose weight. It was indeed the most effective and successful weight loss program I have ever done. I would very much like to use HCG again. Do you know anyone in Hawaii using it, or is there a Dr. here who will get it for me? Can I acquire the oral form you have developed directly from you? Please, please. I will appreciate any assistance you can offer. Thank you very much. Alyse.

Dear Dr Dan, I used the hCG program in the eighties for weight loss. It worked like a miracle!!!
I am a RN now living in Littleton Colorado. Is there any clinic or place around my area that has the hCG program? If not can I purchase oral or Im or sq forms? Any information would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank You Marie.

Dear Doctor, I have used this program very successfully for weight loss that's so easy and it makes you feel great. It lowers cholesterol and blood sugar. I've moved to a new location and am looking for a Doctor in this area who uses this program. Are you aware of any Doctors in the Cocoa Beach, Florida area or Orlando, Florida. Thank you for your help. Gayle
Where can i get hCG? I took injections about 35 years ago and couldn't Believe how wonderful i looked. Any information on how to obtain hCG would be Appreciated. Thank you! Svs...
Dear Dr. Belluscio,
About 20 years ago moving from Ca to Calgary, the change of climate, lack of friends, different working and living conditions, etc. caused me to gain some 25 pounds over my normal 120. With the HCG treatment I lost the weight, had good muscle tone, good skin, energy etc.
I want to get again the same treatment. Do you know any doctors in Calgary, Alberta, or in northern California offering this treatment? I will be very grateful for any suggestions. Sonia S.

Dear Doctor,
In 1975, I paid for a program to lose weight that included hcg injections and diet. In a very short period of time, approximately two months, I lost around 30 pounds, as well as significant inches over my whole body (neck included).

I was very satisfied with hcg, and other than one morning experiencing something like morning sickness, I felt fine the whole time I was taking the shots. As far as I know, I had no other side effects. I would be delighted to try this diet again. Can you help me. Sincerely, Mikki

Thank you. I very successfully completed this program about 16 years ago. I lost about 35 pounds, going from 160 to 125, at age 40 . I was on the program 2 months. I was not hungry. I did sometimes eat extra vegetables.

However, this is a strict program only for the sincere and serious. It is not possible to have any result at all, zero zip, if a person cheats or makes exceptions.......

On the program I felt so very healthy and energetic and just wonderful. I maintained the weight loss about 5 years, then, with stress, gradually regained. I am a 56 year old mental health professional. I have been searching for this program again. I am again 160. Other metabolic pills and high protein diets have not been successful.

Please, please can you assist me in being able to participate in this program again. I cannot begin to tell you...an answer to prayer.

I would even administer the shots myself. I live near Gainesville, Florida and work near Ocala. I believe I could find other interested persons. Thank you for your interest and research. I believe this is successful and helpful and improves self esteem. A contribution to people in need. Please quote me. Joy .

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